The Story Of Makkah Masjid Al Haram Paper Craft Kit


Make and Learn the story of Makkah, An excellentt way to keep your kids busy with is fantastic Makkah DIY paper craft modol kit, Explains the religious and historical significance of the Makkah and the Masjid al Haram.. A graet way to teach children about the hajj and umrah rights.

You will build:

The Kaba
Safa Wal Marwa
Zamzam Well
Maqam Ibrahim
Mount Arafat

*No Cutting Just Fold And Glue
*Learn About History & Culture
*Bonus Crossword Activity Inside
*Step by Step Photographic assembly instrucrions.
*100% Bio-degradeable
*Eco Friendly
*No Plastic Used
*Base Size 26x29cm
*Hight of Structure 15cm
*Ages 7 And Above


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