Sweet Gift Boxes 280g


Sweet Gift Boxes and Halal Sweets Gifts

Are these the best Sweet Gift Boxes you ever saw? Of course they are! Take a look for yourself and you will see an amazing assortment of so many different types of treats, making these the ultimate Halal Sweets Gifts available in the United Kingdom, even the whole of Europe.

We pride ourselves on quality and quantity. Nicely packed for lasting freshness and an amazing look, we know exactly what you need because it is the perfect gift for kids and the perfect addition to the party table. You are looking for something tasty and delicious, and our lovely delights are exactly that, 10-fold.

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So why should you get your Halal Sweet Gifts and Sweet Gift Boxes exclusively from Sweets&Eid:

  1. Because all our lovely sweet gift boxes are packed with 100% Halal Sweets. We do not compromise and know that if you have come this far, then you should get exactly what you have come for!
  2. With a MEGA 16 compartments, each filled with a selection of the finest sweets, you will be spoilt for choice and quantity. We are not scrooge at Sweets&Eid and so expect to get your MONEY’S WORTH.
  3. These amazingly packed Sweet Gift Boxes are perfect for the ones you love; children, grown-ups, neighbours and colleagues. They can be given to anyone. A gift for everybody is a gift indeed.
  4. What more reasons do you need? They taste great! We should know. Sweets are our speciality. Visit our blog to see how much we really love sweets. We adore them, and we want you to adore them too.
Sweets Box

You like what you see above?

No harm in getting a few Sweet Gift Boxes right?

There is nothing wrong at all with eating sweets. As long as it is part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, then enjoy the good life. All it takes is balance to really enjoy eating what you want and treating yourselves and the kids too. Promoting healthy living with moderate enjoyment of sweets is easy. It is as easy as eating candy (or taking it from a baby).

We do not condone taking candy from a baby though because that is just plain mean. We condone giving so go ahead and order your load before the world runs out of sweets and you’ll wish you had stocked up. 

If you are still undecided, then become a part of our family and visit our Instagram page. Here you will be able to get involved in upcoming competitions!


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