Salah Mat


Thinking of the perfect gift for your Muslim relative or friend but don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you want to make sure you’re always prepared for prayer?

So ask yourself? Can I really go wrong with a Salah Mat!  

Much more than your everyday rug, this brilliant Salah mat brings durability, comfort, convenience and safety all in one prayer rug!


  • Made of 100% Polyester, our Salah Mat is hard-wearing, strong and quick-drying.


  • It’s smooth velvety texture and extra thickness gives you more comfort in all your prostrations and sittings.


  • Weighing in at just about 1kg, carrying our Salah Mat is light-work!


  • Risks of slips and trips are kept to a minimum with our Salah Mat’s innovative anti-slip underside.

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Salah Mat Specifications:

This Extra Smooth Salah Mat measures in at:

  • 80 x 120cm with rectangular shape – recommended for individual prayers.
  • 10mm of thickness – for cushioned prostrations and sittings.
  • Just 1kg (approx) a piece – so it’s extra lightweight for easy carrying to prayer rooms.


More Information on our Salah Mat:


 Comfort   |    Convenience   |   Safety   |   Durability



First and foremost, as we all know comfort aids concentration. So our Salah Mat boasts a luxurious Velvety Texture. So you can expect additional comfort in every sitting and prostration.


  • Easily stored away before and after usage. Also can be useful for the elderly, disabled or injured.
  • Weighing in at approximately 1kg. So carrying our luxury prayer mat is seriously easy-work!


Slip-Prevention Feature:

That’s right! Health and safety are of extreme importance. And this is present in our thick prayer rug’s design. This special feature add added stability to this ingenious namaz mat. Therefore, with this anti-slip feature risks of trips and slip are reduced.


Firstly, ask yourself? How many times do you offer your prayers? Don’t forget to include your Sunnah Prayers. Counted? So you could be using this Premium Sejadah many times daily! For that reason our Luxury Prayer Mat is 100% Polyester. This consists of a blend of strong fibers ready for rigorous usage.

Benefits of Polyester:

  • Polyester is very durable.
  • It is also easily recyclable. So we can do our bit to protect our environment.
  • It is resistant to stretching, wrinkling and abrasions.
  • Polyester is a quick drying fabric. So it’s a outstanding choice for praying out in the open.
  • Polyester fibers are lightweight and strong.


NOTE: Should not be washed in a washing machine. Not suitable for tumble drying. So make sure you hand-wash inside out and lay flat to dry.

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