Plain Namaz Mat


  • Prefer a plain namaz mat with no distractions?


  • Or maybe you’re just thinking about ways to make sure you’re always on time for prayer?


  • Or are you stuck and can’t find that special gift for your Muslim relative or friend?

Guess What!?

  •  The reality is it’s hard to go wrong with our Plain Namaz Mat!  


Our luxury prayer mat combines between comfort, convenience safety and prestige:



  • Produced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the lofty city of al-Madina, this Plain Namaz Mat prides honorable origins.


  • Giving a comfy velvety finish, along with a little more thickness, you can now prostrate and sit in prayer with more ease.


  • Not even a Kilo in weight, moving around with our Plain Namaz Mat is almost effortless!


  • Our Plain Namaz Mat’s innovative anti-slip underside means risks of tripping and slipping are kept right-down.

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Plain Namaz Mat Specifications:

This Smooth and Plain Namaz Mat measures in at:

  • 110cm x 70 with rectangular shape – suitable for lone prayers.
  • 1cm thick – for easier sitting and prostrations.
  • Less than a Kilo. Just 560g  each – so amazingly light for easy carrying to and from prayer rooms.


Additional Details on our Plain Namaz Mat:


Prestige   |    Convenience   |     Comfort    |     Safety



Firstly, this lofty prayer mat is produced in the honorary city of Al-Medina. So this prestigious prayer mat has a lofty origin. The city of Al-Madina is none other than the historic location of the Hijrah (Migration)  of the Messenger of Allah, Mohammed ﷺ. Additionally, this classic prayer rug comprises both elegance and simplicity. It also boasts well-crafted tassels that gives this royal sejadah an elite finish.


  • Secondly, weighing in at almost half 1kg (560g). So carrying our luxury prayer mat is light-work! So if out and about no worries!! You can still establish your prayers, InshaAllaah. Yes, AlhamduliLaah! Getting ready for prayers is even more easier with this prayer mat! So after all this do we have any excuses?
  • Also useful for the elderly, disabled or injured. Easily folded away before and after use.


Thirdly, ask yourself? How do you find your concentration levels when your more comfortable? Yes! Comfort is key! So our Plain Namaz Mat comprises a smooth and soft texture. This provides you  additional comfort in your prostrations and sittings!

  • Soft and smooth texture – for luxurious touch and non-abrasive contact.


Non-slip Feature:

Meaning this plain namaz mat’s design includes vital health and safety precautions. This modern feature ensures your Plain Namaz Mat is more stable and sturdy. So risks of slips and trips are kept low.


NOTE: Not suitable for washing in washing machines. Not suitable for drying in tumble drier. Lay flat to dry after hand-washing.


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