Eid Gift – Black & Gold

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Spoil your family and friends with this classy Eid Gift Pack.

This gorgeous gift pack includes natural remedies for many illnesses whilst being suitable for everyday general health.

So this quality combination of Premium Ajwa Dates, Black Seeds, Black Seed Oil and Sweet Scents is a fabulous present for all your loved ones.

Our Eid Gift Pack – Black and Gold – is comprised of the following gems:

  • Nigella Black Seeds (100g).
  • Nigella Black Seed Oil (100 ml).
  • Lamsat Harir Air Freshener (300ml).
  • Ajwa Dates (330g, 42 Dates, 6 strips with each strip containing 7 Ajwa Dates).

Our Premium Ajwa Dates are authentically produced in the noble city of Al-Madina, in Saudi Arabia.

This gift pack is ideal for all occasions.

Scroll down for detailed product descriptions of each.


More Details On Our Eid Gift – Black & Gold

read on below for in depth info on our gorgeous Eid Gift Pack.


Nigella Black Seeds & Black Seed Oil in our Eid Gift:

  • The Black Seed (حبة السوداء) or ‘The Blessed Seed’ (حبة البركة) is recommended as a general cure in the authentic prophetic medicines.

Beneficial uses of Nigella Black Seeds & Black Seed Oil:

Authentic Ajwa Dates:

Aswel as also coming in the authentic prophetic medicines, Ajwa Dates are:

  • Firstly, Ajwa Dates are high in fiber. So great for digestion!

Fiber is essential to digestive health. So Fiber can be understood as the fuel used by the colon cells for good health. In addition, Fiber aids to keep your bowel movements soft and regular. So Fiber also helps to keep the digestive tract flowing normally.

  • Secondly, Ajwa Dates contain the following:


  • Thirdly, our Premium Ajwa Dates come in BITE-SIZE portions. So consumption is easy. Also they are a dried fruit and so give a natural boosts of energy.
  • Finally, our delicious Ajwa Dates are very EASY TO STORE. So they remain fresh for months when sealed and refrigerated.

Made in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah (Saudi Arabia).

Lamsat Harir Air Freshener

Finally, our prestigious Eid Gift Pack includes a sweet yet spicy and warm fragrance with amber, musk and vanilla notes.

This sweet scenting air freshener can be used to repel bad odors from bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and living spaces. It’s easy spraying feature is convenient for last minute applications. So just keep one handy for visitors and guests for a burst of freshness.

So don’t miss out on this! Our Exclusive EID GIFT PACK.

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