Dukhoon Portable Handheld Bukhoor Burner

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Elegant portable electric bukhoor (incense or bakhoor) burner.

Easy to use and can be charged via an usb cable (provided)

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Dukhoon Range Electric Bakhoor Burner

This new wave of Electric Bakhoor Burner is taking the world by storm. Combining the traditions of the Bakhoor scent with new age modern 21st century technologies. This gives you the ultimate Bakhoor experience.

USB chargeable, no batteries needed and easy to use.

Take a look at this page to see a detailed step by step guide on how to use these Electric Bakhoor Burners. It is real and so easy to use. No need to buy stocks of coal that could dirty your carpets or ruin you rugs. Have you ever tried to remove coal from an expensive rug? I hope not. Let’s not start today!

The Electric Bakhoor Burner takes care of all the hard work for you. Here are some steps made easy:

  1. Charge that piece of art up.
  2. Then open it up and put the bakhoor inside.
  3. Then pull and hold the trigger.
  4. Now watch the Bakhoor burn within a few seconds and release an amazing scent into your space.

Each of these pieces of art comes with a special cleaning brush. When needed, simply brush the burnt bakhoor away and there you have it. Ready to be used again.

Why change from a traditional burner to an Electric Bakhoor Burner?

Because change is easy. Traditional bakhoor burners are excellent for occasions and bringing an original feel to the place. Great for when guests are round. Or a wedding. Or an Eid party. But everyday use of a traditional bakhoor burner can just become a little, well… long.

Each day you have to burn the coal. We all know coal can get a bit messy. With these new electric bakhoor burners, there is no risk of burning a whole through rugs, sofas, chairs. You won’t have to watch your step when you walk.

It is simply plain convenience.

Here at sweets and eid, we expect a new range of smells and burners to be on the way soon. With excellent prices, and amazing quality, it’s no wonder why we have become so reputable. It’s simply Sweets and Eid.

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