Arabic Flashcards Adjectives Bilingual


Build up your Arabic vocabulary with these brightly illustrated Arabic flashcards. Each card has the word in clear Arabic, with English translation, making it easy for anyone to use.

50 cards in each pack.

Our specially Designed unique Flashcards are really good for learners of both english and arabic.

Learning vocabulary is a first step towards learning any language. It is essential for developing the learner’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our sets of flashcards will help learners of both Arabic and English.

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If you are looking for the best Arabic Flashcards in town then you came to the right place! They are perfect for adults and for the kids.

Increasing your vocab could not be easier with these playful items. Make learning fun and create games. Why not try the draw and guess game? It is quite simple:

  1. First get as many players as you possibly can (anyone who is already fluent in Arabic can be the Referee!).
  2. Show each card one by one and give everyone a chance to say it at least once in English, and the once in Arabic.
  3. TURN ALL THE ARABIC FLASHCARDS over out of the sight of everyone.
  4. Now one of you gets the Drawer’s Place but first you have to find a way to select the Prime Candidate (the Drawer is allowed to see the cards).
  5. The Prime Candidate can begin to draw a picture of any of the cards they want to. Whilst drawing, the 1st person to say what it is in Arabic is the winner and gets a treat. Check this page out Halal Sweets for treats that you can give each time someone wins because it will really make the experience a whole lot more fun.
  6. And now the winner takes the Drawer’s Place.

By the end of this game and a few more rounds, you’ll all have increased your vocab.

What Else Can We Do With These Amazing Arabic Flashcards?

The Arabic Flashcards has no limit when it comes to games. They can be used for any kind of card game or learning game. These cards are super for anyone because pictures encourage visual learning by association, they make an easy to use system for kids as young as toddlers. By getting them you will really know the benefit of these amazing cards. Get these great learning cards along with some of our others from the Same Collection.

If you are buying this style of learning material for kids then it would go well with some of our other items. They encourage healthy learning with fun activities (like building a Masjid!). If it’s for the grown ups, well then go all out and get the whole range of Arabic Flashcards to make this venture more interesting.


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