Arabic Alphabet For Kids: The Little Arabic Alphabet Book


A colourful illustrated Quranic Arabic Alphabet book with pictures and word in transliteration to help with pronunciation.

The book has the Arabic letter and object and its name in Arabic.

Board book with 30 pages
Wipe clean
Child-friendly rounded edges.

The “first step series” will aid basic learning as well as being an ideal introduction to Islam and the Quranic Arabic Alphabet.

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Where better to start with teaching than with the best Arabic Alphabet For Kids book you will ever find! Speaking from experience, you want those lovely little ones learning at the earliest possible time. The last thing you want is them growing up and feeling ashamed that they never learnt (or were never taught should I say) how to read the language that their understanding of Islam depends upon.

We are so sure that we can all agree, learning styles and methods have changed so much over the last 40 years. Gone are the days of canes and typewriters (YES… CANES!!). Gone are the days of blackboard and chalk. Nurture is the most important aspect of good teaching and encourage learning in the little ones. Learning is fun and we expect it to be for any child. Creating passions is easy if done with encouragement and enjoyment. And that is where our Arabic Alphabet for Kids books come into play because they are fun and they will have the little ones smiling the whole time through.

What age range is the Arabic Alphabet for Kids Little Arabic Alphabet Book for?

So glad you could ask. It is for any ages from Toddler to Adult. With large simple picture, and single words, with the large letters, it is easy to read and distinguish for the youngest of runners. It can even be used by adults to get to grips with the letters, some words and what they mean, and even basic single word reading. We all have to start somewhere… I know I had to.

Try a reward scheme with those little ones between 2 to 4 years old. Here is a nice idea on how you can make it fun for the little ones (and the bigger ones too!).

  1. Go through the book, letter by letter, and tell them what each letter is (focus on the letters for the meantime).
  2. Then once you’ve done that, get them to go through the book and tell you what each letter is. If they get it right then congratulate them and give them a treat! And if they get it wrong then help them and be kind to them. What’s square root of 755,161


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