Arabic Air Freshener – Lamsat Harir

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This sweet scenting air freshener can be used to repel bad odors from bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and living spaces. It’s easy spraying feature is convenient for last minute applications. So just keep one handy for visitors and guests for a burst of freshness.


With a lovely sweet scent, look no more. With this pleasant Arabic Air Freshener, you will be left with real peace of mind.

We can yap on and on about why you should get this particular brand, but you will never know until you try it. Lamsat Harir is one of the most renowned leaders in producing fragrances. As we all know by now, Sweets and Eid only promote the best products that we have faith in.

Lamsat Harir by Arabiyat is a premium range by the Perfume Giants. Having reached all 4 corners of the world, their reputation is impressive, to say the least. A home is missing something without Arabiyat.

We would like to tell you how to choose the perfect one?

Before we can do that, we need to know the difference between an Arabic Air Freshener and a plain one found on the shelf at your local store.

We are all familiar with Cotton Fresh, Blossoms Fragrances, Lavender, Citrus and even Apple Spice. And that is the problem. They have become boring and plain. When do we ever walk into a store and feel spoilt for choice when it comes to room fragrances?

With Arabiyat, there are so many unique smells and choices. You can try something new each time. Be adventurous; it begins with the home when it begins with an Arabic Air Freshener. We find that when we get out of out comfort zones, we always benefit. Here you can experience the many choices of Oud Infused Air Fresheners, Oriental Scents and Cultured Smells that will really have your senses riling.

And so there is your difference. Arabic Air Fresheners are unique.

Which brings us back to the last question. How do you choose the right one for you?


  1. First decide if you would like your space to be Sweet, Musky or Mature.
  2. Then make a choice on how dense you want the scent to be.
  3. And now pick a random Arabic Air Freshener from your category and just try it

That was a lot easier than it first seemed.

What comes next after using our Arabic Air Freshener?

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Sweets and Eid are committed to providing only the best products. Every product you see at Sweets and Eid is selected for its high quality and great value. It is something we take pride in, and we hope you will take pride in our efforts too.

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