Jelly Sweets

Jelly Sweets

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A classic that everyone is familiar with. If you do not know what Halal Jelly Sweets are by now, then you are seriously missing out BIG TIME. You see, back in the days you’d have to search far and wide to get some halal gummies but not today because times have changed, and everyone is catered for. Well, dietary speaking of course.

Some of these lovely treats have been HMC certified (again, not a requirement for something to be halal so please don’t pull your hair out searching for HMC).

These lovely classics contain real fruit juice and with a perfect jelly texture, they will have your taste buds bouncing off the walls. Red, green, orange, yellow, turquoise and peachy pink are the bright colours of our jelly sweets. And with those cute little Gummy Bears, the line them all up and take your pick of who’s next in the firing line!

Gummy Bears HMC Halal

Amazing aren’t they?

What makes our Jelly Sweets the perfect choice?

We don’t like to brag but…

  1. The jelly sweets you find here are made using HALAL Beef Gelatine and so you have an amazing texture with the perfect consistency. You see, HALAL Beef Gelatine is the best choice. It isn’t chewy, nor does it melt away too quickly. Give them a try and you’ll see what we mean.
  2. There are at least 4 flavours present but we won’t tell you what they are. You can figure that out – try a taste-testing game and make it fun.
  3. They look cute! Of course they do. These tiny little bears have kids wooing over sweeties.

We have a wide variety of other treats to choose from. Take a look at our Halal Sweets page, giving you the best quality and quantity for price in the United Kingdom.

Sweets & Eid prides itself on providing the very best. We take quality seriously here, so if you find something on our website, rest assured we have full faith in the product.

Go on; treat yourself.

Our Jelly Sweets have been carefully selected based on the quality. They burst with flavour and are a great addition to any party. There is no harm in enjoying some. Just make sure to balance your diet and keep it varied. Drink plenty of water and make sure to exercise regularly. We all need sugar to function, but we still must take care of ourselves.

I think I might need more than a few!

If you are interested in bulk buys or wholesale, then contact us and we can definitely arrange something. Sweets & Eid are happy to supply Jelly Sweets in large amounts and we can take care of the price too!

Our team are ready to dispatch bulk orders with 24 hours and so we will make sure you have what you need within a few working days. You can bulk order for your store or even a special occasion, like a wedding. Make sure to take a look at our Eid Favour Boxes too!