Eid Favour Boxes

If you are looking for the ultimate Eid Favour Boxes, then look no more. Every single favour you see here is crafted beautifully, well-designed, and so affordable too!

Heart shape boxes and squares are our main choice here. They are made to suit any occasion and so you can get them for any time apart from Eid too. Great for weddings, and little parties.

Now we all know they cannot be given empty right? And what is the point in buying Eid Favour Boxes from one place, then you have to get everything that goes into it from somewhere else! The great thing about Sweets and Eid is that you have all those nice little items that go into a favour box, right here!

From sweets to balloons, we have what you need. If you think there is anything missing, let us know and we will do our best to bring it to our online shop.

Eid Favour Boxes

What is the minimum number of Eid Favour Boxes that I can buy?

We are so glad you asked. There is no minimum, but the great thing is that they do not go off so order as many as you can to save as much as possible on post!

The Eid Favour Boxes that we have are perfect for any type of event. We can go on and on about how great we think they are but if we are completely honest, the best way for you to find out is by getting a few for yourself.

If you are intending to bulk order, and would like to get a HUGE number of them, contact us using the contact form. Or you can send us an email and we will work out a great discount as a wholesale customer. We intend our favour boxes to reach far and wide. From the top of the country to the bottom. Wedding events and Eid parties. Why not even use them for Iftar Parties for kids. A great encouragement for the young ones to fast during Ramadhan.

We intend to expand the types of Eid Favour Boxes that we have. But we must warn you, we would advise you to place an order in NOW before it is too late. With Eid only around the corner, we can expect to be sold out. And the last thing you want is to have to hunt around for something that you could have easily prepared for beforehand. Or having to pay huge prices for simple little things that we can provide at record low costs.

What Eid Favour Boxes do you have on offer?

We currently have 10 different Eid Favour Boxes on offer but out favourite would have to be the heart. They come in metallic gold or silver and are a perfect size for fitting sweets and candies. Go on and take a look at our sweets at the Halal Sweets section. With so many to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

And again, if you decide you need to bulk order, contact us. We aim to get back to you the same day.