Prayer Mats

Prayer Mats… Isn’t it time for us to get serious about offering our daily prayers? Yes! At work at home. Wherever we may be? So are you really serious about getting your rewards? If you are really serious you should have a prayer mat. Right? Okay but why!? So your prepared anytime of day and night to fulfill your life’s purpose. That’s why. But did you know..?

Choose Our Luxurious Prayer Mats

Amazingly for you, we have a lofty collection. So you can choose from modern to traditional designs. Then between the luxurious materials. So what are you waiting for!? Or you still need more? Also you can order a prayer mat with ingenious features such as anti-slip technology or just lay-back and recline with our folding prayer mats design!

Select Your Color

Better yet get personal and select a color to suit your preference. So choose! Yes choose from our smooth amber or light samon. Or even our violet purple or maroon red. But if you lean towards green go for our sage. So the pick is your choosing! However if you are more swayed by durability stay on the page. And select from our high hard wearing materials. For example chenille which is strongly formed, ready for repeated daily usage. Also try out our selection of prayer mats made of polyester. These contenders are built strong, durable and quick to dry. Did you know all our prayer mats are easily stored? Roll them up or stuck them away they’ll be ready and waiting inshAllaah.