The Best Islamic Gifts for Kids

Islamic Gifts For Kids

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It is so important that Islamic Gifts for Kids are appropriate for them and nurture then as well as educate them. How often do we find that children’s toys in general are not good for them? We need gifts that encourage them to good behaviour, not bring about things we wish we would never see.

Do not buy a boy toy guns.

Do not buy a girl barbie dolls.

Get them fun activities that will help them focus their energy in all the right places, will help them develop their cognitive skills, will help them become better readers and writers, and will help them to be better prepared for the transitions from childhood into adulthood.

It won’t make a difference if you get your Islamic Gifts for Kids from here or not, but it will make a difference to them that you actually get Islamic Gift. And if not Islamic gifts, then at the least, good gifts that will benefit them. So, wherever you do end up going, make sure the gifts are good for them, and not bad.

You see, many of us have children in our families. Either our own, or nephews and nieces, or cousins, or grandchildren. And it is a duty upon us to want good for them, not only here and now but in the future, and in the next life as well.

Islamic Gifts For Kids

Gifts That Encourage Learning!

So how do we choose the perfect Islamic Gift for Kids?

Well, first you need to set a premise:

  1. That the gifts do not oppose the Quran and the Sunnah in any way, shape or form. As long as this is your foundation, then generally speaking, any gift that fits this criterion will be good for them.
  2. Making sure that the gifts are age appropriate. They are still kids at the end of the day, so let them have fun with it.
  3. Making sure that the gift encourages good behaviour.
  4. Making sure Adults can enjoy it too! Get gifts that you will enjoy playing or experiencing with them!

Here are some of the Islamic Gifts for Kinds that we have here:

  • The Story of Makkah Masjid Al Haram Paper Craft Kit
  • Animals in the Quran Snap Cards
  • Arabic Word Flash Cards
  • And so many more. Check for yourself.

We would say that some of these gifts are ideal for Eid and for Ramadan, but to be honest, they can be used at any time. The great thing about all of our gifts is that they encourage learning to some degree. So here you have the benefit of 2: the kids have a lot of fun and they get to learn a lot whilst doing it.

Why not take a look at some of the books we have too? Children love to read even if they are too small to do it. Getting a child a good book that will teach them about Islam is one of the best gifts you can ever get them.