Eid Gifts

Innovative Eid Gift Ideas to Surprise your Loved Ones

Every one of us gets stuck when it come so Eid Gift Ideas. Every human on earth loves to have a gift from his or her loved ones, and if the gift is received on any particular day like wedding or on Eid day, it adds up more joy. It is not wrong to say that with a perfect gift, the taste of happiness is doubled.

But the problem is how and what to choose as an Eid gift. We will help you out and will give you some splendid and unique ideas. An Eid gift should be something that compliments the holy occasion and shows respect to the recipient. It also assures your loved ones how much you love them and value their happiness.

Eid gift ideas for Husband/Wife:

When you want to gift your spouse, you must be looking for something which keeps the romance alive. But if it is an Eid gift to your spouse, then along with romantic touch, it should also go with Eid’s divine festivities. And this gift could be none other than the Bakhoor Fragrance. If you like this idea, you can check our range of Bakhoor/Fragrance.

Eid gift ideas for Kids:

Kids are innocent souls, and even a little gift cheers them up and makes their day. But we as an adult have to be thoughtful while choosing a gift for them.  The best Eid gift for any kid can be an Islamic storybook. Kids love to read stories. It brightens up their minds and broadens their visions. Then why waste their energies on some princesses and wizards stories. Why not introduce them to our real heroes (the Prophets of Allah) and help them learn our actual Islamic values and practices. You can even gift them to your friend’s kids or relative’s kids.  If you have made up your mind to buy an Islamic storybook or Islamic flashcards for your or friend’s kids on this Eid, so do visit our Islamic gifts for kids section.

Eid gift ideas for Friends:

Gifting sweets to your loved ones is the tradition of Muslims, but along with sweets, it always feels good to surprise your friends with a special gift on Eid day. After spending one month of blessings and piousness, what else can be the best gift other than a prayer mat or a Mini cube Quran? Check our Prayer Mats and Halal Sweets section for more ideas.

Eid gift Ideas for Females:

Women simply love cutleries, and they even love collecting them. And if it comes free like in the form of a gift, it’s like icing on the cake. A perfect set of scalloped paper plates and cups will make your friends Eid more joyful.

Eid gift ideas for Elders:

Muslim elders spend most of their time praying. As youngsters, it is our duty to make this time more comfortable for them. A folding prayer mat with a backrest is the best gift for elders. It is soft and gives support when they want to rest.