Prayer Rug

Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Verily, Allah is beautiful, and he adores beauty.” While there are many methods, Muslims can undoubtedly enhance their prayer. One little thing you can do is make a charming prayer space. It, of course, consists of your prayer rug. We focus on giving our buyers a diversity of lovely Islamic prayer rugs. Pick from thin woven prayer mats, plush velvet prayer rugs, and multi-person masjid carpets. Additionally, child prayer rugs, or deluxe gift prayer mats for your family and Muslim friends.


While you call it a Mat, Janamaz, Namazlik, Sejadah, or anything else, the motive is similar. It is to complete one of Islam’s pillars in showing your obedience and devotion to Allah. We are content to be able to help you achieve this pillar of the Islamic faith.

Our Luxurious Prayer Rugs

The first thing most reverts to Islam get is a prayer mat. Sajadas exemplify Muslim attachment. Indeed people who sense significantly less regarding Islam know that. The Muslim prays on a rug. We have various prayer rugs (mats) to pick from with charming pictures. These pictures consist of the Kaaba, Masjid al Nabawi, Al Aqsa, and other images. The images show common Mosques that you could locate worldwide. Furthermore, Our collection has stunning prayer mats that represent flowers and different natural patterns. We also have prayer rugs composed of yoga mat components. These are for people with joint pain or who spend most of the time outside of the house. These keep you safe from the rough ground and permit you to pray in cosiness. Take some time to look at our charming collection of prayer mat options for yourself or your family.

For Prayer rugs, our main top-selling items by far are the deluxe luxurious velvet prayer mats. Our highest thickest quality mats are the Double elegant and Lux Deluxe Regal mats. These mats are both a similar thickness. But the Double luxurious is a little wider and longer. Suppose, you want something with even more padding. Try one of our foam or orthopaedic prayer mats. Obviously These works are adorable for Muslims who are aged or have bad knees or back. They might find it intolerable to pray on a firm surface.

Our Collection

We always make sure we have a great collection. We always keep a diversity of Islamic Prayer Mats. In different thicknesses, styles, colours, and patterns. Some Muslims may favour praying on an entirely solid velvet prayer rug. Also, We have those too! Or, particularly if you prefer your rug to have an intricate and delicate design. You can surely get a prayer rug favourable for your salaah.

Our collection includes different types of colours and prints. Also, grades from superior to the standard sizes. From miniature, single-person, and numerous oversized people are accessible. Our rugs are suitable for everyday utilization. And our deluxe mats make excellent gifts for any event. We only stock quality made items. So, you can be confident. And you will get a product you are happy with.