Prayer Mat: Why Is It So Important?

Ever been stuck in a place with no-where to pray? Or maybe you had somewhere to pray but wanted something to pray on? Like in Eid prayer… The question is, who hasn’t had this issue? So what’s the solution? Yes you probably already know! Prayer mats. Still not convinced? Then sit back and read. So this is Prayer Mat: Why is it So Important. Enjoy another entertaining article by Sweets and Eid.


What is a Prayer Mat?

So before we nose-dive right into what follows, let’s quickly define our topic. So what is a Prayer Mat? Well a Prayer Mat or Prayer Rug is a piece of material placed on the ground, upon which a Muslim performs the Islaamic Prayer (As-Salaah).

Many prayer mats

Why do Muslims use Prayer Mats?

Prayer Mats help you to keep clean & dry during your prayer. Whereas without Prayer Mats you may become wet or your clothes stained. This is especially true if you are praying outside like during the Eid Prayer.


Benefits of Storing a Prayer Mat or Rug

In reality storing Prayer Mats have multiple benefits. But to keeps things brief we will be listing just three:

  • Firstly, storing Prayer Mats means that when you pray you can be more tranquil inshaAllaah. So compare your concentration or Khush’u when praying with Prayer Mats or Rugs to when praying without. Any difference? Yes, praying on a Prayer Mat or Rug is comfortable and comfy. So that extra comfort means less diversions and more concentration inshaAllah.
  • Secondly, storing Prayer Mats can reduce any stress or anxiety you may have about praying in public or at work. For example, when we go to the Masjid to pray we feel at ease and totally normal, right? But we may sometimes find that prayer time enters whilst we are at work or shopping or even on a train. So having a Prayer Mat at these times helps us to get on with our journey to Jannah. Yes when you can’t make the Prayer in the Masjid you can just find a clean area somewhere. Then place your Prayer Rug and Pray. So no anxiety and no stress, InshAllaah.
  • Finally, storing a prayer mat means that come Eid Day your prepared! Well at least your prepared to pray outside.

Places to Store Prayer Mats or Rugs

So in order for us to reap the benefits of a Prayer Mat or Rug we must firstly have one. Then after that we need a place to keep it, right? So where? Don’t worry. Simply observe our list of possible places below:

  • Bedroom. Yes, especially if you intend to pray the Night Prayer and have no carpet.
  • Car Boot. No doubt keeping a Prayer Rug in the boot means you can park-up and pray whenever the Masjid is too far.
  • Workplace. Although ideally working near a Masjid is better, sometimes its not always the case. So keep a prayer mat at your workplace just in case.


A Prayer Rug or Mat is just one of those essentials that can help us to keep up the quality of our daily prayers. And yes praying on a clean floor is not an issue. However a Prayer Rug can bring added comfort and remove diversions. So if you want an easy way to get a brand new Prayer Mat click here.

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