Healthy Sweets: Facts You Never Knew

From the pleasures of life are those things that excite the eyes! Like glistening pearls and dazzling diamonds. But what about our taste buds? And Yes we’ve heard it before… You are what you eat, right? Well it doesn’t have to be strictly weight watchers. Even if you have to watch your blood sugars or cholesterol. You could go for a healthier indulgence. Yes! Healthy Sweets! Especially if your going all-out on Eid Celebration. So lets explore exactly why healthy sweets are such a tongue-tastic sensation.


So What Is a Healthy Sweet?

Generally a healthy sweet is a sweet that brings about health benefits. So just as with conventional foods we buy, healthy sweets gives us nutritional value. However, there’s no compromise! Yes a healthy sweet still packs that mouth-watering euphoria that makes you want to buy. So buy more! It’s healthy after all, right?


What Makes Healthy Sweets So Healthy?

An excellent question to ask! But in order to answer we have to take a closer look! So whats really in these healthy sweets? What makes them so lean!?


Healthy Sweets have Xylitol

Don’t worry, you didn’t just walk into Khalid ibn Yazid’s laboratory! So breath easy. Xylitol – yes, pronounced Zi-li-tol – is a lower-calorie sugar substitute. But how much lower!? Well, xylitol has 40 percent fewer calories than sugar. So that’s a ratio of 9 calories to sugar’s 16.

In other words:

  • Xylitol = 2.4 calories per gram
  • Table Sugar = 4 calories per gram

And amazingly xylitol is only 5% less sweet than sugar. So that’s one healthy indulgence! Ok but sugar is natural and xylitol isn’t right?


Well actually Xylitol is extracted from corncobs!

And if your not sitting on the edge of your seat already…

Xylitol is considered sugar-free and has a low glycemic index.

Sorry come again?

Yes, a low glycemic index (GI) means that consuming xylitol doesn’t cause spikes in insulin or blood glucose levels! Therefore, xylitol is an outstanding sugar substitute for diabetes patients…

And we could go on as xylitol has an array of amazing achievements in scientific study


Healthy Sweets Contain Dietary Fiber

Seriously? Yes, fiber in sweets. But hold on! What does dietary fiber do again?

Dietary Fiber is crucial for a healthy diet. And dietary fiber has been found to keep the gut healthy, reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease.

So get that fiber intake in your healthy sweets! Uh and did we say they are halal too? Yes! There’re halal too!

Benefits of a high-fiber diet

A high-fiber diet:

  • Assists in maintaining a healthy bowel. Studies have also found that a fiber helps to lower the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Helps to attain a healthy weight. Foods containing fiber tend to be more filling than foods that don’t. So this helps you to eat less and stay satisfied for longer.


In conclusion, healthy sweets are not just any sweets! They don’t have added sugar. Added sugar is said to be the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. Rather healthy sweets give you that addictive oomph and still benefit your body. Yes! its best of both worlds! So indulge in a healthy way, select from our healthy sweets today.

And if you appreciate Healthy Sweets but still want that good-old sugar! No worries, simply browse through our assortment of juicy sweets.

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