Halal Sweets: A Taste of Western History

As a Muslim, wouldn’t it be great to never have to worry about what you eat not being halal? So literally you could go to any store or takeaway and just order! Then eat! Not looking for halal signs and authentic certifications. Not ever scrambling to find the wrapper of the so-called halal sweets you just ate! Nor having a doubtful thought about the sanctity of the meat in the sandwich you had for lunch. Yes! RELAXATION! Right!? So let’s delve a bit deeper and wrap-up this written treat. So carry-on for Halal Sweets Another blog-buster by Sweets and Eid! Pow!!


What is Considered Halal Food?

Before we go into the legislative side of things here’s a few questions to consider:

So what do you know about halal food? Do you know what it is? Have you ever checked the ingredients on the food packaging you buy? Was it okay? Did it have a non-halal substance in it? Do you now have to avoid certain foods? Yes, aching realities of living in the West. So let’s get back to basics. Firstly, we ask what is actually considered halal food?

Well in a nutshell, halal foods are good wholesome foods that Islamic Legislation permits Muslim devotees to consume.

But doesn’t that mean we Muslims are restricted?

Well do you really want to eat any and everything? Think about it.

No, of-course not!


Rather, we as Muslims submit to the Divine Laws ordained by Allaah, our Creator. Furthermore, we trust in His Great Wisdom that all halal foods surely benefit us, whilst non-halal foods are harmful. So generally, all foods are halal except those that an Islamic Proof (Verse in the Noble Qur’aan or Authentic Prophetic Narration) has come to declare it as not halal. So there really is ample to eat. And also ample to drink. AlhamduliLah! But let’s take a few examples of produce that a Muslim is not allowed to consume:

  • All forms of pork.
  • All alcoholic drinks.

Additionally, all types of meats that are not slaughtered in accordance to True Islamic Methods are all non-halal. Therefore a Muslim is prohibited from eating them. So an example of this would be eating an animal found dead in the street after being run-over by a car. Yeah a bit far-fetched. But after dying in that way, the animal meat is considered non-halal.


History of Halal in the West

Muslims whom are considered early generation settlers in the west experienced difficulties in eating halal. So this may be around your grand-parents time. So imagine there being no halal butchers let alone halal sweets in the west. At that time food prepared by non-Muslims was questionable. Due to it possibly being contaminated with non-halal substances. Especially pork. Can you imagine what that would have been like?


Modern Day Halal Products like Sweets

So not to live in the past, let’s fast right forward to here and now! And NOW there has been a reported BOOM in the European halal meat market. Especially in the uk and france. As a result, we now have for example halal beef gelatin. So that means we got halal gelatin for our halal sweets. Yes! But just make sure you check the packaging.


Halal Sweets Today

So today we finally have an absolute cascade of halal sweets to devour. That’s right, cascade or even plethora! Yes, and we should truly be grateful and praise Allaah for that.

So which types are your favorites? I’m sure there’s more than one! So let’s take a few examples of these scrumptious treats:

So after decades of waiting you can now find where to buy halal sweets! So go ahead and choose which one entices your sweet teeth! Yes, teeth! Plural!


Closing Thoughts

So after looking into the origins of halal in the west we can see halal sweets is a development. However the freedom to not constantly be on guard regarding what you eat is still a long way-off. Moreover, this privilege largely remains exclusive to Islamic Lands. So you’ll have to take a trip! But still, as eating halal sweets is now possible, you can indulge! Yes! So choose from our mouth-watering selection and satisfy your sweet-teeth with our succulent, jaw-dropping halal sweets!

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