Eid ul Adha and the first days of Dhil-Hijjah

Yes!! It’s almost that time of year. And whilst we should feel humbled and blessed to make another Eid. Yes, Another Eid ul Adha in another year. It’s time to celebrate. So time for Takbir! Takbir! And even more Takbir! But before we get there let’s prepare. So sit tight. Enjoy the flight! Let’s link-up on the other side! This is a Sweets and Eid special. Why? Because it’s almost Eid al Adha! No lies! We don’t wanna kidcha. So we proudly present to you: Eid ul Adha and the first days of Dhil-Hijjah!

Islamic Months from the Moon

The Islamic Months

But firstly, when we say Dhil-Hijjah, what are we actually referring to? So maybe you don’t know or you have forgotten. No worries! So here’s a quick refresher on the noble names of the Islamic months. Maybe you can use this list for some educational fun with the kids!

1- Muharram.

2- Safar.

3 – Rabi’ al-awwal.

4 – Rabi’ al-thani.

5 – Jumada al-awwal.

6 – Jumada al-thani.

The Moon And Some Stars

7 – Rajab.

8 – Sha’aban.

9 – Ramadan.

10 – Shawwal.

11 – Dhu al-Qi’dah.

12 – Dhu al-Hijjah (Month in which Eid ul Adha takes place).

So Dhu al-Hijjah or Dhil-Hijjah is the final month of the Annual Islamic Calendar. And it has a great many virtues!

Preparing for an Eid ul Adha Feast

Planning for An Amazing Eid ul Adha

So it’s time to think how you can have some good old halal fun!! But where do you start especially with many airports around the Muslim World being closed. Including in Saudi Arabia, home to the Two Sacred Mosques. So if you was planning on visiting family and friends in our prestigious Muslim Lands, that may not be possible. Maybe you would have got involved with slaughtering. But not to worry let’s get cracking with some ways to plan for an Eid ul Adha Celebration, wherever you are!

Eid ul Adha Gifts

Step 1: Eid ul Adha Gifts

This one shouldn’t need much explanation inshAllaah. Yes! It’s time to treat your family and friends! The issue here is… WHAT SHOULD WE GET THEM!? Ok need a bit of inspiration? No problem. So here’s a few ideas to stimulate your mind.

Man holding Dates

So they’re just a few ideas. But take this as a Sweets and Eid rule of thumb:

“When in doubt, GET THEM A PRAYER MAT, you can’t go wrong!! inshAllaah.

Food for Eid ul Adha

Step 2: Eid ul Adha and Succulent Food

Firstly, ask yourself? What would Eid ul Adha be like without mouth-watering food & drink? So which famous cuisines from particular Muslim communities around the world do you prefer?

Are you feeling a smooth Pakistani Chicken Tikka for you Eid ul Adha? Yes..? No..?

So let’s see if you are you inclined to a delicious Bangladeshi Patla Khichuri just for two?

Or do you find a sweet Somali Bariis Iskukaris irresistible?

Chocolate and Eid ul Adha

So what do you fancy this year round? Whatever you choose why not take presentation to the next level? Especially if your inviting guests. So make sure you got topnotch tableware! And whatever you do don’t forget confectionery!

Big Masjid Image

So here’s our Summary

No doubt we are privileged to be welcoming another Eid ul Adha. So we should definitely show our appreciation to Allaah. And we can use the first days of Dhu al-Hijjah as a start. And we can also show our appreciation to those whom Allaah has blessed us to have them. From our family & friends. So inshAllaah a treat won’t hurt. Takbir!

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