Eid Party: A Beginners Guide

Don’t we all love being an honored guest? Yes! Being invited is always a pleasure. Especially when that invitation is to an Eid Party! But now you’re the host? That’s right, you’re in charge! So food, drink, decoration and entertainment is all on you! And all on your budget too. But where do you start..? So if you want top-notch tips on hosting an Eid Party to remember, just read! This is ‘Eid Party: A Beginners Guide’, presented to you by Sweets and Eid.


Step 1: Choose Your Eid Party Theme

So let’s get creative from the get go! You have a number of prestigious guests coming to your home or a hall you’re hiring. So choose a theme. Why? A theme will give you structure and help you to channel your creative energy. Otherwise your Eid Party may become a complete mis-match. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the right theme? Not to worry here’s a list of some factors to consider:

  • Firstly, think about your guests and their common interests. Also are they bringing children? In the case of an Arabian Nights theme, you could put up a marquee.
  • Secondly, choose colors that work for you. So if your hosting your Eid Party outdoors, think of how you could make that interesting. For example, with an Arabian Nights theme you could choose purples & golds.
  • Thirdly, think about your seating, accessories and layout. Your budget may not allow you to rent theme specific furniture. But you could purchase matching materials for throws and temporary curtains. And don’t forget your bunting and balloons!

Step 2: Serve Amazing Food

Firstly, make sure your mouth-watering feast is a pleasure to the eyes. So it should naturally blend in with your selected Eid Party theme. After all eating and drinking are the main reasons you invited your guests. So treat them! Remember your Eid Party is a celebration! And what is any celebration without sweets and chocolate? Also don’t forget dates!

Secondly, offer a variety of food. Also consider the dietary needs of your guests. And make sure you give special concern to allergens. So be one step ahead! Yes, attain this information before you cook something your guests can’t eat! Remember this is health and safety. And don’t forget the needs of mothers and babies.

Finally, select suitable cutlery, especially for children.


Step 3: Give Yourself Time

Yes, an Eid Party can be stressful! So give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Therefore, if you’re cooking from home buy your ingredients in advance. So that means your menu should be finalized in way before that! Also think about the different times you’ll be serving different courses. But don’t forget you need to give your guests time to arrive. So prepare for late-comers.


Closing Eid Party Advice

No doubt, Eid is a time to celebrate. So facilitating your guests good old halal fun is rewarding. But that requires someone creative as well as responsible. Yes you! So plan and plan good! Remember Eid are days of eating and drinking and remembering Allaah. So this should be reflected in your amazing Eid Party.

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