Eid ul Adha and the first days of Dhil-Hijjah

Multiple Minarets

Yes!! It’s almost that time of year. And whilst we should feel humbled and blessed to make another Eid. Yes, Another Eid ul Adha in another year. It’s time to celebrate. So time for Takbir! Takbir! And even more Takbir! But before we get there let’s prepare. So sit tight. Enjoy the flight! Let’s link-up … Read more Eid ul Adha and the first days of Dhil-Hijjah

Eid Gifts


Takbeer! Takbeer! Yes, Alhamdulilah the time for your eid takbeer is near. But what about gifts? That’s right! What have you prepared? What are you going to get everybody? Not sure… No worries inshAllaah just read-on a little more. But get ready to be generous. Here’s our latest article as all of us love treats! … Read more Eid Gifts

Eid Mubarak Balloons and Banners


Whether its the end of Ramadan or we’ve entered Dhu al-Hijjah, it’s time to celebrate! Yes, Eid Mubarak! Welcome to the Islamic Holidays. So how will you enjoy these days of eating, drinking & remembering Allaah? Well that’s entirely down to you. But as for decorations then don’t slack! So here’s another festive article from … Read more Eid Mubarak Balloons and Banners

Prayer Mat: Why Is It So Important?


Ever been stuck in a place with no-where to pray? Or maybe you had somewhere to pray but wanted something to pray on? Like in Eid prayer… The question is, who hasn’t had this issue? So what’s the solution? Yes you probably already know! Prayer mats. Still not convinced? Then sit back and read. So … Read more Prayer Mat: Why Is It So Important?

Eid Party: A Beginners Guide


Don’t we all love being an honored guest? Yes! Being invited is always a pleasure. Especially when that invitation is to an Eid Party! But now you’re the host? That’s right, you’re in charge! So food, drink, decoration and entertainment is all on you! And all on your budget too. But where do you start..? … Read more Eid Party: A Beginners Guide