Best Eid Gifts

Takbeer! Takbeer! Yes, Alhamdulilah the time for your eid takbeer is near. But what about gifts? That’s right! What have you prepared? What are you going to get everybody? Not sure… No worries inshAllaah just read-on a little more. But get ready to be generous. Here’s our latest article as all of us love treats! So enjoy our “Eid Gifts” – presented to you by Eid and Sweets!

But before we get into ideas for Eid Gifts, let’s first discuss who might deserve one!


Who Should We Give Eid Gifts?

Firstly, as Muslims we know we should be dutiful to our parents. Especially those of us who Allaah has blessed with Muslim parents. Also, those of us Allaah has blessed to still have parents. So who is more deserving of Eid Gifts than our parents?

Eid Celebration Balloons

Secondly, and we could never leave out Eid Gifts for the kids! Those amazing little mini versions of us. What a blessing! They are so worth it! Yes on our days of Eid Celebrations let’s treat the kids.


Finally, let’s do a little practical. Think about that special Muslim in your life that Allaah has given you so much goodness by way of them… Finding it difficult? Okay. Then think about those special Muslims that Allaah blessed you with them when you were in need… Yes! it could have been any need. For example:

  • Eemaan Boost.
  • Sickness.
  • Financial Support.
  • Help Finding Halal Work.
  • Good Advice.
  • Good Companionship.
  • Cheering up.

Ideas for Eid Gifts

Ok now for the fun part! Yes! Eid Gift Ideas! So where to start? Firstly, let’s think about who we are giving these gifts to? If it’s Mum and/or Dad, then you’ll find the most important thing is that it’s from you. However let’s try and get them something to improve their lives…

So think…

Have you had any complaints from them recently? If so, then try to get them something to resolve that point of complaint. So for example, if Mum finds that the kids break her fine tableware every year then why not try these tableware solutions?

Black Gift Label

As for Dad then we may find that he is ok if Mum is ok. If you get that? So why not help him out with a gift for mum. Why not? You could serve your father by aiding him to find something special for mum. For example these exclusive Rustic Trays. And if Mum won’t like that style then perhaps try this.

As for the children then you know they like halal sweets! And if you’re worried about sugar you can always go for halal healthy sweets.

But if you want to browse a wider selection, then view the choices below:

And you couldn’t go wrong with a prayer mat


So after we know Eid is approaching, let’s start preparing. And from our preparations are presents. So let’s give! And give well! Remember to start with those most important. Like your Mother & Father. Those that cared for you from a child. And likewise let’s be generous to our beloved children with amazing Eid Gifts. Furthermore, let’s not forget our wider Muslim family and community. So get cracking and choose your amazing Eid Gifts today!

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