Bakhoor Burner

When you are looking for the best Bakhoor Burner, trying to find where to start isn’t easy. With so many choices out there, we always recommend finding the one that balances between getting the job done (burning that Bakhoor) and providing a luxurious experience, as well as being free from hassle.

That is where the Foldable Bakhoor Burner is the perfect choice.

It combines between a proper luxury burning experience and convenience. It looks good and can be put away easily. It’s foldable!

Simply luxurious and small, the power packed behind this drives your chosen fragrances into any space, large or small. We all love more power but more power always comes with more size; not in this case. Lightweight and compact, yet durable, this Electric Bakhoor Burner is the perfect combination.

It is cordless and does not need disposable batteries. With an inbuilt battery, all you need to do is charge it using a USB port or USB plug (the wire comes with the burner of course). It really is no hassle. Plug it in, charge it, and use it.

A step-by-step explanation of how to use it?

Using these innovative burners is fairly straight forward.


Unbox the burner. Place it on charge for a short while using the USB connection wire provided.


Once charged, make sure to disconnect the burner from the charge kit and flick the switch to the up position.


Open / Remove the front end of the burner (this part is gold). It kind of resembles a hair dryer and will be easy to remove.


Place the mesh sheet into the Burner. This will be at the open part of the burner after having removed the front end.


After the mesh sheet is in place, put a small piece of Bakhoor onto it.


Now fix the front end that had been removed before back into its original place and flick the switch into the down position.

The Electric Bakhoor Burner is now ready to use. Pull and hold the trigger, and within a few seconds you will have the amazing fragrance of your choice bursting forth. The LED at the back will appear green whilst in use. Once it begins to go red after a few uses, simply put it on charge whilst off.

What can the Bakhoor Burner be used for?

Now you may be wondering, why such a question. Because these amazing innovative additions to a home can be used for more than simply making a room smell nice.

Try getting your hands on some Perfumed Bakhoor – all you have to do is pass the front of the burner over your hair and clothes to infuse a scent that will last for longer than a while.

Go on; get it now from Sweets and Eid.